The Second INSANI Course in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

 January 23, 2020

In the second semester of 2019, Fitrah Institute of Baitul Hikmah Library held a course on Islamic Psychology in Yogyakarta-Indonesia, widely known as INSANI. This course was held every Friday and was facilitated by Dr. Bagus Riyono, the president of IAMP. In this second course, two series of topics were given in two different programs,  namely INSANI Basic Course and INSANI Advance Course. The Basic Course focused on the introduction of Islamic Psychology for audiences whose previous studies were not Psychology. The second program, the INSANI Advance Course, focused on the development of Islamic Psychology and was designed for scientists and professionals of psychology.The participants of the two courses were students and psychologists from Yogyakarta and Central Java, Indonesia.

The basic class covered similar topics taught in the first INSANI Course held in the previous semester. The INSANI Advance Course covered the following topics: the History of Psychology; Between the Science and the Pseudoscience; Pure Science vs. Darwinism; ‘Ilm, Alam, Aalim, Muta’alim, and Ulama; Experimental Psychology; Motivation and Personality; Developmental Psychology; Neuroscience; Psychology of Civilization; Human Dignity, and Circle of Life. The courses offered in Insani are intended to facilitate the wider community to learn Islamic Psychology in an engaging class setting.

From the advance INSANI Course, it is hoped that there will be more people  — especially from the scientists and practitioners of psychology—who will be interested to further develop Islamic Psychology. Through such facilitation, interested parties will be able to collabrate in bringing back people to their true nature / Fitra. Insya Allah Ta’ala.