Islamic Psychology Graduate Program is Offered in Australia

 May 7, 2021

ISRA Academy has approved the establishment of Graduate Certificate program in Islamic Psychology which will be offered through Charles Sturt University (CSU). Thus, the university will be the first university course in Australia on Islamic Psychology, and the first international stand alone course in the West as well. This achievement comes from great collaboration between ISRA Academy and Dr. Hanan Dover from International Association of Muslim Psychologists (IAMP) and team. Their contributions are dedicated for bringing Islamic Psychology to the tertiary education setting.

The Islamic Sciences and Research Academy (ISRA Academy) of Australia is an Islamic educational institute based in Sydney, Australia, in affiliation with Charles Sturt University, Australia. ISRA Academy provides a platform for the Muslim community to flourish in their Islamic academia and a place of service and solidarity as Muslims from all walks of life, culture, gender, and age come together in the spirit of a community. ISRA Academy offers some courses with a solid understanding of Islam which are delivered through a comprehensive university accredited Islamic studies course in Australia.

Source: Dr. Hanan Dover and ISRA Academy