The 7th Intensive Course on Islamic Psychology in Indonesia

 January 20, 2020

The president of International Association of Muslim Psychologists, Dr. Bagus Riyono, gave lectures on Intensive Course in Islamic Psychology, located at Teknos Building, Yogyakarta, in October 11th – 13th, 2019. This is the 7th batch session of Islamic Psychology courses handled by Mr. Riyono for general participants who wanted to have deep understanding on this subject.

This program aims to build an intensive atmosphere in learning Islamic Psychology, thus the number of participants were limited. They could actively learn and share perspectives on Islamic Psychology systematically. This discourse on Islamic Psychology were built through this various lecturing themes, those were:

1. Islamic psychology as a science

2. The history and principle of scientific inquiry

3. Science delusion

4. The dynamics of nafs (the problem of sensing culture)

5. The three laws of human existence (the dynamic of fitrah)

6. Human motivation and its dynamic

7. The motivational force and the five psychological states

8. The anchor personality theory

9. About love

10. The ultimate happiness

11. The dysfunctional heart: the fundamental issues of human life

12. To feel the presence of Allah