Islamic Perspectives in Modern Psychology (IPMP 2019) at Riphah International University

 January 14, 2020

International Association of Muslim Psychologists was invited to the conference on Islamic Perspectives in Modern Psychology (IPMP) at Riphah International University, Lahore (Pakistan). Acting as IAMP representatives, Dr. Bagus Riyono and Hanan Dover, present as keynote speakers at the event held on 24th – 26th   of September, 2019. Other scholars of Islamic Psychology from different parts of the world also spoke at the conference, such as Prof. Dr. Rahmatullah Khan (Malaysia), Prof. Dr. Rasjid Skinner (UK), Dr. Fahad Khan (USA), Prof. Dr. Goolam Hussein Rasool (UK), Dr. Rania Awaad (USA), Prof. M. Tahir Khalily (Pakistan), Dr. Saima Salman (Singapore), Dr. Razia Bhaiti (UK), and Prof. Dr. Iftikhar N. Hassan (Pakistan).

The three days’ international conference resulted in –one of them– an agreement about centralization of the journal of Islamic Psychology. Therefore, Islamic-based research studies in psychology would be published in The International Journal of Islamic Psychology by International Association of Muslim Psychologists.

Photo by Dr. Hanan Dover