International Intensive Course in Islamic Psychology at Universitas Islam Indonesia

 January 13, 2020

Faculty of Psychology and Social Sciences of Universitas Islam Indonesia (Indonesia) held International Intensive Course in Islamic Psychology on November 25th to December 20th, 2019 in collaboration with International Association of Muslim Psychologists and International Institute of Islamic Thought. It is an one month intensive course on Islamic Psychology to dig more on Islamic-based theories on psychology and broadly elaborate it in practical settings.

Dr. Bagus Riyono as the President of International Association of Muslim Psychologists said in the opening ceremony that the goal of our endeavors in developing Islamic Psychology is to provide a new perspective to understand human beings that is based on Islamic teachings. “Now we already have Islamic Psychology curriculum for undergraduate students, especially in Indonesia.”

Dr. Habib Chirzin as the Indonesian representative of International Institute of Islamic Thoughts also said, “Our goal is not only to develop psychological theories based on Islamic teachings, but also to conduct practical activities to support the development those theories using the worldview of Islam.”

About 21 lecturers from Russia, Malaysia, India, Australia, and Indonesia were invited to deliver their research in Islamic Psychology. More than 40 participants from various countries: Russia, Sudan, China, Malaysia, Australia, and Indonesia, highly participated in this program.

This program introduced some new ways in developing Islamic Psychology, for both academic and practical purposes. Theory construction was one of the topics offered in the program, as well as some research for their application in various settings. At the same time the program also provided an opportunity for scholars to build networks for the purpose of advancing Islamic Psychology.