INSANI, the Islamic Psychology Course in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

 January 22, 2020

Dr. Bagus Riyono, President of IAMP, in the first semester of 2019 conducted series of lectures on Islamic psychology. The lectures was held in the Baitul Hikmah Library which is located in the Campus Mosque of Universitas Gadjah Mada. The lectures discussed Islamic psychology as a field of science. The lectures covered 12 topics concerning the philosophy, methods, and theories that build Islamic psychology as the discipline of science. The topics were (1) Al-Quran is the guidance in developing a discipline of scientific knowledge; (2) the purpose of human life; (3) the 7 mandatory disciplines of thinking; (4) the history and principles of science; (5) science delusion; (6) a theory about “nafs” and its dynamics; (7) layers of human soul; (8) a theory of human motivation; (9) a theory of motivational force; (10) the anchor personality theory; (11) the laws of human behavior; (12) Islamic psychology meets the state of the art of psychological science.

Around hundred and fifty people registered for the course but due to limited capacity of the library, only 70 participants was accommodated. Most of participants were students of undergraduate graduate level. Through this course, Dr. Bagus Riyono introduced Islamic psychology as a new perspective in understanding and managing human behavior different from the mainstream psychology. The Islamic psychology perspective is argued to be a more holistic, integrated, and systematic approach to human being and human life. It is expected that Islamic psychology perspective will inspire the future research and application of psychological science for the sustenance of the well-being and happiness of human life.