The 2nd International Intensive Course on Islamic Psychology (IICIP)

 January 21, 2021

Faculty of Psychology and Socio-Cultural Sciences, Indonesian Islamic University organized The 2nd IICIP on 7-22 November 2020 in collaboration with The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) and International Association of Muslim Psychologists (IAMP). This event was held online because of the pandemic covid-19. There were 137 international participants who came from Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, Qatar, Australia, Brazil, India, Germany, Kazakhstan, Uruguay, USA, France, and Brunei Darussalam.

The subjects of this conference were Epistemology for Islamic Psychology; Islamic Psychology Construct Building; Islamic Psychology as an Integrated Psychology; The Contribution of Islamic Scholars for Islamic Psychology; Islamic Psychotherapy; The Origin of Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Al Balkhi’s concept on diagnosis and classification of illness; Islamic Educational Psychology; From ideas to reality: Islamic Based Schools in Indonesia; Islamic Psychological Counselling; Islamic Counselling for the Prevention and Management of Coronavirus Pandemic; Counselling for Self-Harm; Akhlaqul Karima, A concept for Moral Excellence; Tasawuf: Islamic tradition for shaping Moral Excellence; Khusnudzon : Concept and Measurement; The Psychology of Ibada; The Quality of Our Shalat; Islamic Psychology for Community Empowerment: Case Study in Russia & Indonesia; Islamic Psychology for Industries and Organization; Quranic Work Ethic; The Concept of Ukhuwah in Organization; and Learning from Muslim Cases: Case Asessment and Intervention.

The subjects were delivered by the expert who have concern of the development of Islamic Psychology worldwide, such as Prof. Shukran Abdurrahman (IIUM, Malaysia), Prof. Dr. Mastura Badzis (IIUM), Dr. Hanan Dover (Australia), Prof. Dr. Akbar Husein (India), Dr. Olga Pavlova (Russia), DR. Rania Awaad (USA), DR. Sus Budiharto (UII, Vice Chairman of Islamic Psychology Association, Indonesia), DR. Bagus Riyono (Gadjah Mada University, President of IAMP), DR. Ali Abd Mun’eim (Maqasid Institute), Dr. Mujidin (Ahmad Dahlan University), Dr.rer.nat. Arief Fahmie (UII), Dr. Phil. Emi Zulaifah (UII), and several others.