2020 Muslim Mental Health Conference in Australia

 January 20, 2021

Mission of Hope held an annual international conference, Muslim Mental Health Conference 2020, in December 5th – 6th, 2020. This year, they provided the main topic on Islamic Psychology and Community Mental Health. This conference aimed to revive Islamic Psychology as a discipline whilst also covering the mental health issues in society, showcase case studies, emphasize the importance of prevention, identify gaps in service provision, presenting research and building communities capacity in mental health service delivery. This program were supported by International Association of Muslim Psychologists (IAMP) as the global organization in developing Islamic Psychology as a discipline.

Muslim Mental Health Conference 2020 has some objectives as below:

  • To share knowledge on Islamic Psychology, theology, applied, and clinical practice.
  • Increase awareness of the mental health issues facing Muslims and the need to access to culturally and faith appropriate mental health and wellbeing resources/services.
  • To help raise the profile of mental wellbeing in this population group.
  • To help decrease the stigma of mental illness within the Muslim community.
  • To share and support evidence-based research.
  • To provide a platform for learning, discussion support, and facilitation.

There were many scholars and clinicians that were invited as the speakers in this conference, such as Dr. Bagus Riyono (Indonesian), Dr. Rania Awaad (US), Dr. Fahad Khan (US), Hanan Dover (Australian), Nasreen Hanifi (Australian), Shehzi Yusaf (Australian), Basmah Abdul Qader (Australian), Dr. Yaser Mohammad (Australian), Summayyah Sadiq-Ojibara (Australian), Mohamad Dukely (Australian), Carawan Ghanem (Australian), Ziyad Serhan (Australian), Toltu Tufa (Australian), and Nuray Okcum (Australian).

This conference has contributed to the Muslim community mental health awareness and the deeper understanding of the Islamic Psychology as the main solution to the mental health problems in society.

Credits to Mission of Hope