List of Professor Malik Badri’s Publications

February 12, 2021


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  4. Islam and Psychoanalysis, Emirate’s Yearbook, 1973 “This was an annually published yearbook of papers by distinguished authors”.
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  11. “Psychology from an Islamic perspective”, Published by IIIT in Arabic in 1987 as part of the proceedings of a conference on the Islamization of the behavioural sciences. التفكر من المشاھدة إلى الشھود ,insight to perception from Tafakkur• Khartoum University Press and International Institute of Islamic Thought, Khartoum and Aman, 1991.(In Arabic; translated to English, Bahasa Indonesian and Turkish).
  12. Use and abuse of human sciences in Muslim Countries, Islamic Intellectual Discourse Series, Published by International Islamic University Press, Kuala Lumpur,1992.
  13. The Wisdom of Islam in Prohibiting Alcohol, Published in Arabic by IIIT in 1996 and is being translated to English and Bahasa Indonesian.
  14. The AIDS Crisis: an Islamic socio-cultural perspective was published by ISTAC in 1997. It was widely distributed and quickly sold out by Barnes & Noble that gave it the highest 5-star rating of bookselling. Its second and third editions published by the title, The AIDS Crisis: A Natural product of Modernity’s sexual Revolution were published by the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa that conferred upon it the award of the best contribution to Islamic Medicine for the year 2000. In Sudan, it received the Shahid Zubair Prize in the year 2004. This is the highest award for academic excellence. The book soon achieved an international status and Muslim scholars realized the need for its translation. It is now published in Arabic by the International African University in Sudan, in Bosnian by el-Kalem publishers in Sarajevo, in Russian by the International Institute of Islamic Thought and in the press in Indonesian and Swahili. It is now sold online by the British Human Behaviour Academy.
  15. The AIDS Dilemma: A Progeny of Modernity, Published by The Islamic Medical Association of South Africa on the occasion of its 18th Annual Convention, Quilbert, 1998.
  16. Contemplation: an Islamic psychospiritual study, Translation of my book on Taffakur. The English translation is expanded with added material. It was translated by Professor Lu’Lu’ah and published by IIIT, London and Printed by Cambridge University Press, 2001. The book is now translated to a number of languages including Indonesian, Malayalam of South India and Albanian.
  17. The human rights of the elderly, A booklet in Arabic, Published by the Islamic Organization of Medical Sciences (IOMS) as part of the proceedings of the conference held in Kuwait, 2001.
  18. Abu Zayd Al-Balkhi: Sustenance of bodies and souls. A book in Arabic, on the matchless contributions of an ancient Muslim scholar, Abu Zayd Albalkhi, It was published in Arabic by King Faisal Research Institute for Islamic Studies, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (2004). It was co-authored with Professor Mustapha Achoi.
  19. Islam and AIDS: Between scorn, pity and justice, (with other authors) Book edited by Farid Isack and Sara Chidy, One Word Publishers, Oxford, England, 2009. مختصر التأصیل الإسلامي لعلم النفس .Psychology indigenizing and Islamizing• A book in Arabic Published as a reference to postgraduate students. Kuala Lumpur: Medeena Books. 2009.
  20. Use and abuse of human sciences in Muslim countries. A booklet published by the International Islamic University, Kuala Lumpur: 1992.
  21. Psychology of personality (With other authors). Book edited by Amber Haque and Yasien Mohamed. Australia: Cengage Learning Asia Pte. Ltd. 2009.
  22. Sustenance of the Soul: The Cognitive Behavior Therapy Of A Ninth Century Physician. This book is my English translation from Arabic to Abu Zayd al-Balkhi’s Ninth Century manuscript which I annotated with footnotes. It was published by IIIT London in 2013. This important book was translated to Norwegian by Dr. Arne Repal of the Norwegian Association of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and published in 2015. The
    book is expected to change the whole history of modern psychology as Dr. Arne Repal documented. I was invited by this Norwegian Association to launch it in Oslo and in Bergen.
  23. Cyber-counseling for Muslim Clients, Published by The Other Press, Kuala Lumpur, 2015.
  24. Cultural Adaptation and Islamization of Psychology: A book of collected papers, Published by Human Behaviour Academy, Manchester, England, 2017. And sold online in Goodread since 2016.
  25. Co-author of Dictionary Annafssany: Psychiatry and Psychology, Arabic, English and French Dictionary of psychiatric and psychological terms. Edited and published by The Arab Federation of Psychiatry and the Arab Foundation of Psychological Sciences, 2017.

And Professor Malik Badri’s forthcoming book will be published by International Institute of Islamic Thought with Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Turkey. Further information about this book is in the link below:

Credits to International Institute of Islamic Thought