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An interview with Professor Malik Badri about his Contributions to the Islamisation of Psychology

Rahmatullah Khan Abdul Wahab Khan

The Islamization of Psychology: Its “Why”, Its “What”, Its “How” and Its “Who”

Prof. Malik Badri

Yogyakarta Declaration on Human Dignity

Gerakan Indonesia Beradab (GIB)

Islamic Counselling for Patients of COVID-19 Pandemic

Prof. Akbar Husain & Dr. Fauzia Nazam

Prinsip-Prinsip Psikologi Islami (the Principles of Islamic Psychology)

Dr. Bagus Riyono, M. A. Psikolog

How Emotion are Made: The Secret Life of The Brain

Lisa Feldman Barrett

Islamic Councelling: An Introduction to Theory and Practice

Hussein Rassool

Ibn Al Haytham First Scientist

Bradley Steffens

The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences

International Institute of Islamic Thought

The Science Delusion: Freeing The Spirit of Enquiry

Rupert Sheldrake

Psychology from the Islamic Perspective

Dr. Aisha Hamdan Utz

Kanal Pengetahuan Psikologi UGM

Motivation from The Islamic Psychology Perspective

Dr. Bagus Riyono, M.A. Psikolog