“A Gift for The Ummah” : A Tribute to Prof. Malik Badri

Prof. Malik Badri

There was an influential book, a masterpiece.
“A gift for the ummah”


Triggering an awareness that Western Psychology failed to see human beings as a whole. His books, lectures, speeches, and thoughts spread far and near, from East to West.

During his teaching at the International Islamic University of Malaysia, he brought together Muslim psychologists from all over the world and founded the International Association of Muslim Psychologists in 1997 .

Embracing Muslim psychologists across the globe to stand together, advancing Islamic psychology, forcing the movement to bring back the soul to the discipline of psychology.

From his deep understanding of Islam, his knowledge of Islamic heritage in the golden age of Islam, and his experience from learning secular psychology from the West, he sought to reinvigorate traditional psychology in a holistic manner that would benefit Muslims.

He never stopped.
book after book,
lecture after lecture,
conference after conference,
teaching after teaching,
until the end of his life.

He gave us spirit, love, insight, inspiration, and sound knowledge.

We wish we could keep seeing his smile, beautiful and calming. Hear his words, inspirational and enlightening.
Visit him, listen to him, and learn from him. the depth of his knowledge seemed endless.

He will forever leave a trace in our hearts. We will miss him dearly.

Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raaji’uun,
May Allah elevate him and reunite us all in Jannah.

Professor Malik Badri: a treasured soul, a much-loved murabbi, and a great psychology mujtahid.