Remembering a Murabbi Session: A Tribute to Prof. Malik Badri

Dr. Bagus Riyono, Dr. Hanan Dover, Dr. Rania Awaad, et al.

Although we are saddened by his passing, Alhamdulillah his ‘Ilm will become his jarriyah through his many students around the world. He opened a path for a new paradigm in the science of human being, through Islamic Psychology. His book “The Dillema of Muslim Psychologists” stirred various responses, in early 80’s in Indonesia, some enthusiastic, many doubted. But it tells so well about the psychology of the many Muslims who learn the science. Today Islamic Psychology is taught in many parts of the world, and recently at Moscow State University, at Standford, and of course in many other universities who have initiated such program earlier in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Turkey. The tribute was done online last night, it gave us a chance to learn from this great person, who was sincere in his demeanor, firm in his principle and great in his ideas and aims. His legacy will be continued, as it will enlighten many more people and generations to come. InsyaAllah.