International Conference on Islamic Psychology at Aligarh Muslim University

November 25, 2019

The Department of Psychology of Aligarh Muslim University (India) held the International Conference on ‘Islamic Psychology: Theory, Research and Application’ in collaboration with International Association of Muslim Psychologists, Indian Council on Islamic Perspective in Psychology, Centre for Study and Research and Training, Al-Barkaat Islamic Perspective Research and Training Institute, and Al-Mustafa International University.

This three days international conference was held in November, 2018. There were eight keynote lecturers: Prof. Toriq Mansoor, Prof. Mohd. Hanif Beg, Prof. Akbar Husain, dr. Bagus Riyono, Prof. Roomana N. Siddiqui, Prof. Naved Iqbal, Prof. Syed Mohd. Amin, and Prof. Reza Saleh.

More than 100 scholars from Sudan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Bangladesh, Autralia, and India participated in this occasion. There were also over 100 research papers that were presented. This conference has been an important meeting among various Islamic scholars to build the Islamic-based psychology around the world.